Natural light in architecture is an important component with multidimensional advantages. More elevations of glass enhances the aesthetics and substantially reduces the CO2 emissions. There are other benefits that come with natural light bringing better home and office wellness and productivity. Build design with more glass areas will merge interior and exterior columns, to enhance the space and bring a lot of natural light into the functional areas. Natural view from inside is a modern trend, helping homemakers with an elegant view of their outdoor surroundings.

GLASS, is an inevitable item when it comes to a window and it should match other interior elements like curtains, blinds, and glass films, without compromising on privacy and temperature.

PSQUARE, with an experience of executing thousands of home and office interior projects in 25 years, has come up with GLASSMATE, a comprehensive solution to window dressing. GLASSMATE services are executed by industry experts who are in the field since 1997.

Now when you think about your window glass or a building made with superior-quality glass, don’t hesitate to get a first-hand opinion from the experts. GLASSMATE helps you get expert solutions regarding control of heat, light, aesthetics, privacy & security.

  • Heat

  • Light

  • Aesthetics

  • Privacy

  • Security